A compilation of all documents filed of public record affecting a specific parcel of real estate. Documents are shown in accordance with standards set by the Iowa State Bar Association and the Iowa Land Title Association. Also includes judgement and lien searches against all titleholders in the chain of title and status of property taxes.

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Lien Reports (Iowa Title Guaranty's Form 900/901), gap/post closing reports, and free pre-abstract reports all show the titleholders, the full legal description, and judgements or liens on the real estate. Ownership Reports only show the titleholders and the full legal description of the real estate. We strive to deliver a prompt turnaround of 24-48 hours.

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The Public Access

The Public Access, often called a "scandal sheet," is a weekly publication of real estate records and court filings in Buena Vista, Carroll, Crawford, Green, Ida, and Sac Counties. We also offer monthly analytics of mortgage lending for the top mortgage lenders in each county, useful to those interested in comparing banks. Be the first to know — sign up today!

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Our History in Crawford County

When we opened our first office in 1912, we were two young men with a few great ambitions and a lot of property records purchased from the former Denison law office of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Leslie Shaw. Carl and Gail Richardson operated as Richardson Brothers Abstracts of Title, Farm Loans, & Insurance until J.P. Brockway purchased the business and renamed it The Brockway Agency. Since then, our business has been owned and managed by individuals who maintained our heritage of statewide respect for business sense and innovation in the real estate title industry. We have served under the name Crawford County Abstract since 1982, and we continue the ambitious focus on new ideas and devoted customer service which began in 1912. While many in the industry hold onto traditions like paper size and typewriters, the traditions we hold have been firmly rooted in professionalism, innovation, and growth for over 100 years.

Crawford County's Only Certified Title Plant

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